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Meet the Shelmires…After their home was devastated by the Louisiana Great Floods of 2016, Alfred and Charlene Shelmire turned to the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance program to help them restore their home to habitable condition. Millennium Construction was selected to renovate their home. Watch and listen to Alfred and Charlene as they tell of their experience with the flood and with the rebuilding of their home. If you need more information about the Restore LA program or know someone who need help in restoring their flooded home, please contact us.

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Watch and listen why Beverly Montgomery is so glad she chose Millennium Construction as the Solution 2 contractor to renovate her flooded home under the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program.

Greg Cisco made the right choice when choosing Millennium Construction as his Solution 2 contractor to renovate his flooded home for the Restore LA program.