Restore LA Homeowner Assistance Program

At Millennium Construction, we anticipated that a grant similar to the Road Home program, which was available to homeowners affected by Hurricane Katrina and Rita, will be available for those homes flooded by the Louisiana Flood of 2016.  This grant program is called the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program (Restore LA). To assist homeowners in getting their flooded home renovated, the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has allocated over $1.6 billion dollars in federal grants to fund the Restore LA program.

Millennium Construction has been proactive in informing homeonwers of the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance program through social media and word-of-mouth since the Restore LA grant started.   We are an approved Solution 2 contractor and a Solution 1 subcontractor for the Restore LA Homeowner Assistance program.   As a matter of fact, Millennium Construction was selected to renovate the second home in program for Baton Rouge homeowners Charlene & Alfred Shelmire. We completed the renovation in just over a week to get the homeowners back in their home quickly.

Read their story here on our Facebook page or listen to their testimonial below.

Homeowners who wish to participate in this program must meet eligibility requirements. The first step to determine eligibility for Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance is to take the survey at The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Based on information submitted during the survey, the homeowner will be placed in one of six application phases. Homeowners will be invited to complete an application based on the application phase for which they may qualify. Supporting documentation will be required during the application step to verify eligibility for financial assistance. All homeowners whose homes were damaged by the 2016 floods are encouraged to take the survey as those currently not eligible may be eligible to apply for the Restore LA program in the future when additional funding becomes available.

During the application process, homeowners will be given the choice to have the state manage the renovation (Solution 1) or the homeowner can choose their own contractor (Solution 2). Those who have completed all the repairs will be placed in Solution 3 (Reimbursement only) and those who have partially completed the repairs will be a combination of Solution 1 or 2, and solution 3. The Restore LA program pays for economical/standard materials for all three solutions. However, Solution 2 applicants will be able to customize and upgrade their materials by paying the difference between what the program pays and the cost of the material. The price difference with be agreed upon between the homeowners and their contractors. Homeowners choosing to let the state manage their renovation (solution 1) will not have this choice and will have to vacate their homes during the renovation.

Watch the video below to get an idea the type of materials a homeowner choosing Solution 1 would get.

As a Solution 2 contractor, Millennium Construction will be able to provide homeowners free consultations, offer homeowners customized options not available with Solution 1, the state-managed option. Restore LA applicants who select Millennium Construction as their Solution 2 contractor for the program may also qualify for FREE material upgrades like granite countertops, tiles/laminate flooring, custom cabinets, and high quality fixtures depending on the extent of the repairs. Millennium Construction will also be assisting homeowners verify the Estimated Cost of Repairs (ECR, award letter) that the homeowners will be receiving after their damage assessment is completed to help get the homeowners the maximum award they qualify for. Homeowners going with Solution 2 will benefit immensely by choosing Millennium Construction as their Solution 2 contractor.   For assistance and to select Millennium Construction as your Restore LA contractor, please call our office at (225) 663-9130 during normal business hours.

Free material upgrade offers are subject to availability and other restrictions. Please call us to inquire.
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