Restore LA – Should I go with Solution 1 or Solution 2?

Millennium Construction would like this opportunity to help homeowners become more informed before they select the solution of their choice. As a contractor that has gone over hundreds of ECR reviews for homeowners and completed several Solution 1 and Solution 2 home renovation projects and with Restore LA, we have witnessed a great deal of homeowners who may have chosen the wrong Restore LA solution choice for their home renovation. Homeowners who have purchased materials they wanted to use in the renovation of their home were told by the Restore LA inspectors and Restore LA contractors that they cannot not use them and the homeowner will have to return these items for a refund. This is because the homeowner selected Solution 1 (program managed) as their repair option for Restore LA. Other homeowners wanted other material options in their home but they are given no options because they have selected Solution 1.

It’s important to understand that whether homeowners go with Restore LA Solution 1 or Solution 2, they’re still getting the same thing from Restore LA in terms of economy materials for the repair. Restore LA pays for the same materials for every eligible Restore LA applicants regardless of the solution option the homeowner chooses. Solution 2, the homeowner-managed option, lets the homeowner work directly with the contractor of their choice. With Solution 2, the homeowner can go with higher grade materials by negotiating with their contractor and pay the cost difference between what economy material specified by Restore LA and the material of their choice. It is important to note that different material may also result in high labor/installation cost. For example, the cost to install ceramic tiles is much higher than the cost to install vinyl or carpet flooring.

Millennium Construction strives to raise standards and provide Restore LA applicants better value. To do this we are offering homeowners FREE material upgrades on certain items. These items includes…

Upgrade from a Restore LA economy laminate kitchen countertop to a granite kitchen countertop!
Upgrade from Restore LA economy size baseboards (2 1/4″) to premium size baseboard (5 1/4″)!
Upgrade from Restore LA economy size trims (2 1/4″) to premium size trims (3 1/4″)!
Upgrade from economy particle-board cabinets to all wood cabinets!

These upgrades are offered at no additional charge. However, extra charge may apply for situation that requires extra labor. For more information, please call Millennium Construction during business hours at (225)663-9130.

We believe that everyone should go with Solution 2 and choose Millennium Construction as their contractor simply for the free material upgrades even if they don’t plan to do any other upgrades. To take advantage of our offer, homeowners must let Restore LA they want to go with Solution 2 and then contact Millennium Construction to secure their spot for the free material upgrades as this offer may end at any time.