Millennium Construction – Trusted Contractor for Restore LA Applicants

Are you a Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program (Restore LA) applicant searching for a local licensed contractor who specializes in the renovation and rebuilding of flood damage homes? We are Millennium Construction, a local, licensed general contractor who has repaired, renovated, and remodeled over 500 residential homes and businesses since Hurricane Katrina. Many of those home were flood damaged much like the homes damaged by the Louisiana Floods of 2016. We have also participated in various programs like the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance program (Restore LA) so we are familiar with these Federal and State funded housing rehabilitation program and can help homeowners through the process to make sure they receive the maximum grant award within the scope of the Restore LA program. We are the only contractor who are out there dispelling rumors and myths about Restore LA and helping homeowners understand the Restore LA program. We would like to believe we understand the program even more than some representatives and managers working at the Restore LA office because we have family and friends who have flooded, we have family and friends who work with Restore LA, and we have relationships with Restore LA contractors. When it comes to having your flooded homes repaired with Restore LA, we are your “Trusted Contractor in Home Renovation!”
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We’re all about helping people and one of the ways we’re helping homeowners with their flooded homes is we are offering homeowners a chance to upgrade their Formica and laminate counter-tops to granite for free. You don’t have to settle for Restore LA economical and standard materials. Depending on how much repair has to be made on your home, we may be able to offer other upgrades as well.

We are also helping homeowners verify their grant award and Estimated Cost of Repairs (ECR) to make sure homeowners are getting the most out of the Restore Louisiana program. Based on our experience of the Restore LA grant program and after reviewing a ton of ECRs, we believe over 95% of ECRs have errors or repairs that are missing. If you still waiting for receive your award determination and your Estimated Cost of Repairs or if you already received it, contact us so we can help you maximize your repair award.

To learn more on how we can provide more value to you and for assistance in getting your home renovated under the Restore LA program or otherwise, please call us at 225-663-9130 or email us at

Learn more about the different options (Solution1, 2, 3) for Restore LA and how you can be eligible for FREE material upgrades such as granite countertops from Millennium Construction by clicking the link below.
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